For all the Mamas, Married Mamas, Soon-To-Be Mamas, Single Mamas, Want-To-Be Mamas, Mamas by Association or Exercising Mamas, may God bless your heart.  As Mamas, we have many questions. Before I became a Mama, I had a fairy tale image, living happily ever after with new additions to my family.  I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know until I began asking other Mamas.  I have to admit, I was nervous and scared. Here is a human being relying on me to survive.  How can I manage the growth of this individual?  This is not like playing with dolls, where you dress them and put them down when you want to do something else.  Soon, I began to see God had all the answers.  Through my Mama Journey, I‘ve picked up some Mama Friends along the way. I want you to join my Mama Friend Circle. Here, we talk about yourselves, children, laugh, share our foodie fantasies, enticing recipes and meet or greet via social media and relax. My aim is to be the best Mama with God’s help. I can’t do this Mama job alone. By us unifying in the Mama Department, we can make our Mama Dreams happen.  In my book, “You’ve Got Your Hands Full: A Mama’s Manual”, I focus on our needs. Keeping God the center of Mamahood, makes life so much easier and better. When we align ourselves with God’s purposes for ourselves, everyone around us is blessed.


Mama Friend, I welcome you to our Mama Gathering!  Here at, Mama joys and concerns are addressed with love, tips, laughter, prayer and scriptural references on a weekly basis.

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