You've Got Your Hands Full

A Mama's Manual


Wynel Harris entered Mamahood and her life was turned completely inside out. She found herself relying on Jesus more than ever, listening to the Matriarchs of her family and implementing the ideas of Mama Friends. Wynel, a charismatic and ambitious woman, knew she needed all the help she could get to take care of her husband and three children.


You’ve Got Your Hands Full invites readers on a journey of radical love as a Mama. You’ll laugh, cry and pray with Wynel as she follows Jesus and throws “balance” out of the window. Wynel explains and illustrates how Mamas can use God’s wisdom and knowledge to navigate through an unforgettable transformation. You’ve Got Your Hands Full encourages Mamas to embrace confidence, organization and their personal interests.


Wynel delights in sharing her experiences in order for others to draw near to God. She communicates with passion, humor, love and boldness. Her lively workshops and seminars are engaging and effective, as she relates to women.

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