Wynel Harris was born in Denver, Colorado, during the 1980’s.  At the age of 14, Wynel sensed God calling her to  give her  life  to  Jesus Christ  and she  did with happiness.  Wynel  left  her hometown for Hampton University and four years later graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She took a left turn from her initial interest and decided to teach full time. Currently she  is  pursuing a  Master’s  of  Science  in  Special  Education  from Liberty  University.


Wynel married Sinclair Aaron Harris in 2007 and shortly after the Lord added Nehemiah, Silas and Xavier to the family. As a young wife, mother, writer and teacher, Wynel has a passion to serve Jesus. Wynel acknowledges how God’s love gave her joy, peace and victory. She wants the same for everyone around the world and doesn’t mind spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wynel founded WYN, Inc. in 2011 with the purpose of instructing teenage girls how to empower themselves with God’s principles and God’s Holy Word. She believes through mentorship and accountability, teenage girls are able to reach their God-given potential. In 2014, Wynel wrote and published her first book, You’ve Got Your Hands Full.

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